What is a Dissolution in California?

In California a dissolution is a divorce.  Parties looking to file for dissolution in California need to file in the county they have lived in for the past 6 months such as Sacramento County, Placer County, Solano County, Yolo County, El Dorado County, and Ventura County.  If you have not lived in California for 6 months or any particular county for 6 months then you will need to file for a legal separation and wait until you have resided in the state and/or county for 6 months to amend your pleading to a dissolution.  The Law Offices of Carlisle & Gray can assist you in these matters.  Obtaining a dissolution of marriage in California can be a very complex process, legal representation is recommended.   Call The Law Offices of Carlisle & Gray, APC at (916) 782-2737 for a consultation.

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